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We are your BEST source for Go-Devil engines online. Order on-line or call. 229-246-5760

We will ship your Go-Devil motor directly to you anywhere in the USA!

Duck Blinds:
 Large: 16-18' boats
 Small: up to 15' boats
   Mud Motor Adapter
   Replacemant Camo
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 Blind Pictures
 Boat Blind Review

 Super Waterfowl

Duck Calls:
 About Gaston calls
 Straight Barrel

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We can customize your boat and motor any way you like!
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Ordering the Easy-Up and other items on-line is simple and secure.
Click HERE to go to our Store.
Custom Duck Calls and Shotgun Chokes are also available in our store.

Follow this link to see a review of our blind in the June/July '02 issue of Wildfowl Magazine.

More pictures and info  Here!

Questions? Check out our FAQ page for the answers.

Order your blind soon.
There are just days 'til next duck season begins!

(Most orders ship within 48 hours!)

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